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Liow, Wee deny involvement in snoop squad Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Two MCA leaders named yesterday as being part of the MCA ‘snoop squad' have rejected the claims, calling it baseless and politically motivated.

One of the two, MCA Youth chief and Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai also rejected claims of the existence of the snoop squad.

And the second person linked to the snoop squad, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Wee Jeck Seng said the claims were politically motivated.

Yesterday, while testifying to a three-member panel formed by the party to look into the allegations of the snoop squad, MCA Petaling Jaya Utara adviser Wong Leong named both Liow and Wee as two members of the snoop squad which was formed to spy on certain MCA leaders.

Wong claimed that party president Ong Ka Ting had set up the squad to expose the private lives of certain leaders who could threaten his position.

Talking to Bernama late yesterday, Liow said that he would however attend a hearing before the panel on Wednesday.

The panel is headed by Sak Cheng Lum with Michael Chen and Roger Tan being the other two members.

Liow said that he would leave it to the panel to investigate the allegation, adding that the panel should come to a conclusion as soon as possible for the party not to waste so much time on such an allegation.

"It is more important for the party to be united and use all its energy to face external threats," he said.

He also said that he would only decide if to take any legal action against those who had alleged that he was behind the formation of the snoop squad after the panel had completed its findings.

Politically motivated

As for Wee, he told Bernama that the allegations against him could have surfaced following his close rapport with Liow.

"It's absolute nonsense. It (the allegation against me) is politically motivated," he said.

"I used to meet Liow while he was still the deputy sports and youth minister to discuss party and other matters related to the Chinese community. We used to meet and discuss many issues.

"I think this has been perceived by some people that we are planning something when we actually only discussed the assistance to be extended to the youths and Chinese community who need help," he added.

Wee is also scheduled to attend a hearing this Wednesday.

"There is nothing for me to hide. I would tell them what they want to know," he said.

In a related matter, former MCA vice-president Dr Chua Soi Lek had urged the independent committee to speed up its investigation.

He said if the claims that the snoop squad was formed to plot the downfall of certain leaders were true, it could tarnish MCA's image and erode the support for party leaders.

"I am willing to come forward and give information that I know about," he told reporters yesterday.

Chua who resigned from all party posts, and as Health Minister and MP for Labis in January after copies of a sex DVD involving him were widely distributed in Johor, claimed that he was pinpointed by the squad as the first person to be sacked for being perceived as not supporting the leadership.

"Who is behind the DVD recording is no longer pertinent as it has become my life history, but what is more important is to restore party unity," said Chua.

Chua also chided Ong for denying his involvement in the DVD case since he (Chua) had not made such an allegation.

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