Funds for water industry should be managed by ministry
Friday, 23 June 2017

The Star

IN the report “Of values and water” (Sunday Star, June 11), Datuk Roger Tan, who recently retired as a National Water Services Commission (SPAN) commissioner, said the Water Industry Fund (WIF) and Sewerage Capital Contribution Fund (SCCF) should be free to manage their resources.

He also said the role of the WIF is to protect and preserve watercourses and water catchment areas, ensuring sustainability of water supply, and to improve water quality as well as provide water and sewerage services in rural developments. The SCCF is a similar fund for the sewerage sector and currently stands at about RM1.5bil. These entities are controlled and operated by SPAN. But managing these substantial funds will only distract SPAN from its original function as a regulator, implementing and enforcing the water supply and sewerage services laws in Peninsular Malaysia and the Federal Territories of Putrajaya and Labuan.

I fully agree that the WIF and SCCF should not be under SPAN. They should instead be placed under the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry, which should have better understanding of the needs of the funds.